Bowerbirds are a unique bird, native to Australia. They are renowned for gathering many materials into one place and creating a “Bower” or “stage”.

“BowerBird tech” is a place where customers can come and find a wide variety of great technology to create their ultimate solution.

BowerBird Tech was originally established in Australia to supply High Quality Technology at the best prices possible to the Australian and International Markets.

The Staff at BowerBird Tech have a combined Tech experience of over 50 years so we know what technology works best and where. We carry a large range of stocked items and most can be shipped overnight.

We are offering a “premium self-serve” buying experience for people who know what they want and don’t want to be hassled by annoying pop-ups and sales people. The “Premium Self-serve” model means that we can keep prices down as low as possible while still offering quality certified products.


BowerBird Tech: Gathering the best tech into the nest!