Conditions of Sale

Effective 1 July 2018

In the case of goods procured by the Company from overseas any price quoted is based on the prevailing rate of currency exchange, customs duty, customs clearance, freight and any other charges in this regard at the date of Quotation, and any variations will be to the Purchaser’s account (unless otherwise specified).


Written quotations are valid for 30 days from issue unless otherwise stated. Verbal quotations expire the same day they are made. All typographical and clerical errors are subject to correction.


Prices quoted do not include GST. All products will attract GST at the current rate. GST will be shown as one amount on quotations and invoices.


All parcels will be charged at current commercial rates.


Delivery times are quoted in good faith and are based on stock holdings at time of quoting.

Terms of Payment

Payment shall be made in Australian Dollars within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice (“the Payment Period”), unless otherwise specified on the invoice. Payment terms are subject to the Credit Limit on the account. All items will be invoiced at date of dispatch. If account has to be collected all legal fees incurred are to be added to customers account.

The Company reserves the right to vary the terms of payment and to require payment in cash in full or the provision of such security as the Company considers appropriate.


If payment is not received within the Payment Period, interest on such claims for payment will accrue from the day after the expiration of the Payment Period at a rate equal to two percent (2%) per month (calculated daily).


A minimum warranty of either 12 months or the manufacturer’s warranty (whichever is the longer) will apply. Warranty covers the repair/replacement of faulty equipment, but does not cover removal/replacement of equipment or freight costs. Warranty does not cover “change of mind” decisions or if the product has not been used according to manufacturers’ instructions.


Property in goods supplied shall be retained by the company until payment is made in full of such goods and for all other goods supplied by the company to the customer.


Any order placed with the company may only be cancelled by agreement in writing by the company and upon payment of reasonable cancellation charges to cover expenses incurred by the company.


Products listed in our published price lists may be returned for credit. Please refer to Goods Return Policy following.

Goods Return Policy

Agreement to return goods for credit must be reached with Bowerbird Tech and a BowerBird Tech RMA (Return Materials Acquisition) number must be issued before goods are returned.

  • Goods may be returned for credit provided that the return agreement is initiated within 14 days of original dispatch date for those goods.
  • Goods are not able to be returned just because the purchaser has changed their mind. Goods are only able to be returned for defective or faulty workmanship.
  • The goods must be in as new condition, be of the current revision level, in the original unmarked packaging and assembled as per the part number on the box. Goods must be returned in unbroken packs where sold in minimum pack sizes.
  • Goods returned for credit will be assessed on a case by case basis. BowerBird Tech may choose to apply a restocking charge and customers will be notified should special circumstances apply. Software will not be accepted for credit if software package envelope has been opened. Standard Restocking Fee: 10% of purchase price or $150, whichever is less
  • Goods that are not resaleable will not be accepted for credit. For electronic products the packaging seal must be intact and unbroken.
  • Goods must be accompanied by documentation stating RMA number, original invoice number, date of purchase and reason for return.
  • Freight costs are to be pre-paid by the customer, except where goods are being returned due to a dispatch error by BowerBird Tech.
  • Significant quantities of products, products specifically imported for a customer, or products requiring revision upgrades may not be accepted for credit and will be assessed on a case by case basis. Goods built to a customer’s specification or goods that have been modified by the customer will not be accepted for return or credit.